Our team would love to assist you in finding the perfect property. We are open from Monday to Friday from 8:00 till 17:00.  If you would like to organize  a viewing for a property, you can call us, send us an email or visit our office. Our address: International Business CenterPobřežní 620/3, 186 00 Prague 8 - Karlín.

Depending on the agreement with the owner or developer, the real estate can be reserved orally for a few days. You can do it by contacting our manager. At the end of the reservation period you will have to sign a reservation contract or the booking will be cancelled. 

Yes, you can.  You can choose the property on our web page. If you make a power of attorney issued on the name of one of our managers, we will be able to solve all administrative and legall issues related to real estate purchase. All financial transactions are secure . We provide full legal support. 
Despite the apparent simplicity of the process, we advise the future owner to come to Prague, view the property and personally sign all the contracts. 

Our managers will  send you list of the properties that match your requirements, you will choose the ones that you like and we will agree on a time and a date of the meeting. If the owner / developer agrees we can view several properties within one meeting.  At your request our managers will not only take you to all the real estate objects by car but also meet you at the airport. 

In order for the apartment to "work for you" in your absence, you will need to sign a property management contract. 

We will do our best to maximize profits on your property.

Our property management services include the following:

- renting out you property and finding suitable tenants; setting up the best rent price; utillity bills payment control;
- flat maintenance: technical maintenance; necessary repairments in case of need; cleaning;
- legal support: making lease contracts; contracts with managing organizations; tax declarations; transfering rent income.

Transfering large amount of money  to/in a foreign country without knowledge of the local language and laws and professional assistance  doesn't look very safe in our opinion. As practice shows, even the residents of the country make mistakes.  The fee that we take is  the cost of a full service property purchase package and a turnkey project.

Yes, it is possible.  You don't even have to be a resident in the country or have any income here. Our partners help third country nationals without any income on the territory of the Czech Republic to get a mortgage with a 2,99% annaul rate. For more detailed information please contact our managers.

The type of the contract depends on the certain project. If the property you are interetsed in is still under constraction, we sign the so called Contingent contract (smlouva o smlouvě budoucí). If the property is already built, we sign the purchase and sale  agreement (kupní smlouva).

Yes, you can.  If you buy property in the Czech Republic, you can apply for Schengen visa that allows you to stay in the Schengen area for 90 days in any 180-day period.

Ateliér looks like an ordinary residential apartment but because of for example noise isolation or level of light, it did not pass the state quality test.  That is why officially it cannot be used as a residential space.

Although you can live in this kind of flat, foreigners cannot register there their permanent address. You can also lease ateliér flat.

In case of buying property in a company, you can request a VAT refund.

If you choose a degree programme in Czech, you can study for free in the Czech Republic. Exactly here you can find some of the oldest universities in the world. Diploma of the most famous of them - Charles University, founded in 1348 by the Emperor Charles IV,  - helped many of its graduates get a job in leading corporations in Europe and the United States.

There are also degree programmes in English and some other language in private universities in the Czech Republic. Price for this kid of programmes starts around 1000 eur/year.

In addition, the Czech state suppiorts its students by providing them with food, accomodation and travel discounts. 

Moreover, graduates of Czech universities can become residents of the country in a simplified odrer. After graduating from a local university a foreigner is not required to obtain a work permit. If you want, you can also settle in any other country, because Czech diplomas are recognized throughout the world.

After transefing the title of property you will have the following tax obligations.

Tax on the purchase of the property that has a 4% in the Czech Republic. 
It has  be paid by the person purchasing the property. This tax cannot be imposed on the initial purchase of the property from the developer.

A 15% income tax in case the seller is an individual and a 21% income tax in case the seller is the legal entity. This tax has to be paid by the seller.

In the following cases the payment of the income tax can be avoided. 

 - seller had a registered permanent address in the property for more than 2 years;
- the flat belonged to the seller for more than 5 years;
- the money gained from the purchase were used to purchase other real estate.