Management of a rented 1+kk 33m2 flat with a baclony in the center of Prague on Žitná street for 18 000 CZK/month with 2500 CZK utilities.

In the absence of the owner our managers were responsible for:

- collecting rent - we ensured optimal cash flow by setting a payment day and if needed enforced the late fees.
- flat maintenance
- billing control (water, electicity, gas)
- contact with the building management company
- organizing flat cleaning
- doing necessary repairments in case of need (we had to hang shelves, fix a leak, paint a wall).
- checking the mailbox

In case the managed flat is not rented our managers visit the property a few times per month, checking its state and appearance, organize the necessary repairments,  purchase items if needed and pay the bills depending on the specific situation.

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